About the Chaser

I am a huge believer and follower of the Ubuntu philosophy. I am because you are really says it all – my humanity is inextricably caught up in yours, and the only way towards progress is to value every life and embrace our interconnectedness.

Disclaimer:  As a huge believer, I believe in all people and in change and have little control over my often-naive faith in humanity.  I am a passionate and creative peace-seeker, writer-rambler, photographer, artist, musician, listener/talker, silly-joke-enthusiast, among many other mundane titles.  No apologies offered for instances where any these qualities or personas happen to seep through my take on everyday or outrageous occurrences throughout this site.

Specific attention grabbers at the moment include natural health modalities, agriculture movements in Latin America, and the power of coaching …. and as always spontaneous 1-minute dance parties or sing-a-longs keep me going.

Read on to see what I’m up to now...


P.S. So this website is in Beta right now aka Incomplete!   This is mostly a joke because actually I am a newbie webpage creator who is so sick of being at a computer, that I’m letting this imperfect starter stand for a while.  Comments, suggestions, criticisms, offers to redo the entire thing, HUGELY appreciated :)

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