“…great people, small village, full of love and life and good ol’ village fun!”

Just before taking off for the airport, I received a message from a friend (Jenae from Adventures Cross Country!) who was recently leading an ARCC Africa Gap Year trip that was volunteering at the farm I am going to,  Uganda Rural Community Support Foundation (URCSF) which was beyond helpful.  Of course, I was excited for the project and the opportunitty to be a part of it and experience a new country, but I knew little about the people I’d be with and places I’d be staying.  That said, receiving this message from Jenae had me pumped before getting on the flight, here is a small excerpt:

“…Our group did the very first Micro-finance conversations with their community, and I so wanted to stay for more… I love the micro-finance world and starting something like this in that area, with Peter is dreamlike, you will surely have an incredible time, great people, small village, full of love and life and good ol’ village fun!….Peter is awesome! Get ready to dance, talk to everyone and just smile 🙂 ”

After Day 1, and still in Kampala, I can already tell this will be another place I do not want to leave. On my first evening, it was so late when I arrived but Peter stayed up to have juice and chat over the US elections, which we scowered over Al Jazeera (all they watch here… awesome) to find any updates.  No news until the AM, however, and we celebrated Obama’s win with a cheers and buying a bunch of Ugandan newspapers that were full of photos.

I am very lucky to have Kristen here, a seasoned volunteer who has been here since September, and is so graciously helping me in every way possible.  From telling me what water to drink to explaining details about what’s been going on at the farm – her presence is priceless.  And she is a great artist, plays guitar and FÚTBOL, and is just tons of fun!  Peter is a visionary dreamlike human, as Jenae mentioned, who clearly is in touch with all parts of his organization and every person involved.  He has an idea he told us about to build two TREE HOUSES!!! Right over where the pigs live, and as we were talking he decided to send this text to his friend in the US:  “have you ever dreamed of a place were you could sleep in a beautiful tree house in Uganda, above pigs, which was lit by the pigs poop?”

I know it will happen.

More to come after I see this farm, we leave for Masaka tomorrow!

Here are all the projects Groundwork Opportunities are helping Peter to get Champions to fund – from beehives, to greenhouses, to pigfarms, to sewing machines!!

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