News from the FINAL Judicial Inspections in the case against Chevron

WOAH the last two week….. incredible/insane.  First the Amazon Watch rainforest Delegation and then…

the LAST judicial inspections in the Chevron case . . . I’m going to post an article ….but in short it was pretty much 6 hours of testimony and long speeches and demonstrations and sample taking ALL at an oil station IN THE JUNGLE – in the HEAT with the judge present and everything OH and all in spanish.  pretty ridiculous.  Would never happen in the US.  They don’t get very much face time with the judge, so both sides took advantage of this chance – although the Chevron lawyer no joke talked slower than molasses 75% of each day.

But, everyone working on the case here is very excited this part is over, and are still saying that we expect a verdict this year!! For reals, more to come… but for now… photos and videos:

CLICK HERE for Photos from the Inspections in the Amazon!


Julio and Juan Pablo kickin it

Julio and Juan Pablo kickin it

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