“No Hay Luz!! “

…A saying we used frequently for the first week… and also a funny tale… One day after class I went to sit on the sofa and use my computer… just as I plugged it in – SPARK – all the lights and electricity went out in the room… I was so embarrassed! I was convinced that I had blown a fuse or something and the teachers had seen and were thinking ugh stupid gringo!  But then we realized that on the whole street there wasn’t any light either (No hay luz)… and I was still thinking it was all my fault! HA!  I literally thought that I had caused a mini-blackout… and was feeling so guilty, until I finally found out that all of Otavalo and then later realized that all of Ecuador didn’t have electricity either!! Still hoping it wasn’t my fault…

There was no light for about 2 and a half hours, which made for a very interesting dinner and evening.. however everything was back to normal again at around 9:30 pm.  (see photo of Jorge being weird in the darkness)

This happened again my first Saturday night… a little bit before dinner time. However, this was a very special Saturday because it was my brother Jorge Luis’s 16th birthday!  I have to describe this event because it was really a different and cute experience.  For some reason, the dad and little Daniela were not home, so it was just Jorge, Estefanie and I eating – with Juanita serving us the food as usual… a somewhat eerie, dark, candle light dinner!  She had also made a special, very big, white cake with coconut on top!  Jorge is very silly and fun, we are always teasing each other and he is always making fun of my Spanish… its a relief he is there because the others in the family are a bit strange.  Anyway, this was a really fun night as strange as it was… we sat at the table and sang… well besides “Feliz Cumpleanos,” I mostly listened and laughed because Estefanie and Jorge were singing Spanish songs I didn’t know, like “Noche de Paz” (Silent Night!) and the theme to Otavalo! It sounds super silly and it really was, but it was also really enlightening to see these two teenagers/siblings, who are usually difficult to pull away from their cell phones and amigos, just hanging out, singing and smiling at such a simple evening.  (***see photo of Jorge and his bday cake!) I have to say  I felt bad when my friends from school arrived because they thought it would be a bit scary for me to walk in the dark alone (we were supposed to be meeting later, so nice of them to stop by!)….

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