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This blog is dedicated to getting the word out about all the amazing people, places and causes I have attached myself to, expressing their stories and mine… from South America to South Africa to home in the U S of A.  Apparently, as I have come to learn, in order to be a blog, it has to be a little personal as well.  So disclaimer… this is all coming from my out there point of view and there will be smidgens of opinionated and seemingly off the radar ramblings, but thats what a blog is for, right?¿?

As a huge believer, I believe in people and in change and have little control over my often-naive faith in humanity. I am a passionate human-rights activist, listener/talker, peace-seeker, artist and athlete.  Also a student on the side, I will graduate from Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 2010 with a degree in International Affairs, minor in Sociology, Spanish and Social Entrepreneurship.

 I have spent this year working to defend the rights of the people and land of the Ecuadorian Amazon, fighting for justice  in the landmark environment lawsuit against Chevron’s abuse to the people and land of the Amazon rain forest.   Starting in January 2009, I spent 6 months in Ecuador working for the Frente de Defensa de la Amazonía and Amazon Watch, a non-profit, non-governmental organization working to defend the environment and the indigenous peoples of the Amazon Basin. It was an experience that is so hard to describe, but I’ve done my best here in this blog.

Just after that, I returned home and then left for a 5 week Social Entrepreneur Field Study Program in Cape Town, South Africa with 19 other students from my university. Then, I spent two weeks volunteering at a rural orphanage in the Valley of a Thousand Hills near Durban, South Africa– probably the hardest place I have ever had to leave. Really wish I could more eloquently put into words exactly how unique and amazing these 6 weeks were. Soon to come, my attempts…

Despite my hesitation on switching gears so fast from environmental and human rights activism in South America to social business in South Africa, the experiences were completely unreal both in their own ways and I was constantly comparing and contrasting the two. My only complaint is the stress and confusion that being drawn to people on two separate sides of the globe has brought! 

As for now,  I will be returning to Quito, Ecuador to work with the publicity and communications team in support of the case against ChevronTexaco. …

This blog began as just a way to keep track of the weekly emails I am sending to friends and family…if you´d like to be added to the email let me know… paz y abrazos!

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