Where am I now?

Currently:  Riobamba, Ecuador

In July, I started working for Global Citizen Year, a bridge year volunteer and global leadership development program for recent high school graduates.  In my role, I am a coordinator and team leader for the Chimborazo region in the Andes mountains. This includes coaching a cohort of Fellows, managing local homestays families and partners, and supporting leadership training development.

It has been a whirlwind of learning, creating, leading, learning some more, and collaborating with a truly inspiring and accomplished team.

Here is a bit more about Global Citizen Year from an article in Forbes entitled ” 3 Ways Colleges Can Build a Bridge for Future Leaders:

At Global Citizen Year, we believe that a bridge year after high school is an extraordinary opportunity to unleash the potential of a new generation of leaders. The term “bridge year” is a more apt description than “gap year” because, contrary to the notion of a year off, we see the value of an educational pathway for youth that fully incorporates a year of intensive learning not only about the world but also about themselves.

We have learned that with the right curriculum, American students who spend a good part of a year fully immersed in developing and emerging market countries can gain the perspective and skills necessary to succeed in college and careers in a global economy. They are pushed far outside their comfort zones where they get a different view of pressing global problems they will need to understand as leaders. They learn another language while also learning at a deeper level that other cultures have much to teach us. They are challenged to understand a very different community. They do all this while making positive contributions alongside new friends at the local level. Notably, Global Citizen Year’s model is structured with access and financial aid in mind, so that promising talent from all socioeconomic levels can participate.